Mike Lynch moved to Nashville in January of 2016.  He had little more than forty dollars, half a tank of gas, and a dream.  Once mistaken for homeless (he was living on a friend’s couch), he persevered to become a regular at local songwriter nights; forming a band consisting of two mainstays in the local music and cycling communities:  Lynn Greer (Jan Krist/Dessau/Warm Dark Pocket) and Mark Robertson (Legendary Shack Shakers/Eskimo Brothers/Derek Hoke).   The trio meets once a week in a bike shop, ‘Gran Fondo’ located in West Nashville, where “each member helps to fashion songs that evoke both a wildness in desire and nostalgia. What it creates is an outlet. Where distant memories and inspirations shape the present. Where the old generations of rock and roll are simply a jumping-off point into songwriting. Where pensive rhythms and swaying, foot-tapping melodies breathe once worn-out themes to new life.


Songs that embody the errors and mistakes of experience. Music about love and inadequacy, hunger and guns. [Mike Lynch] evokes the effect that collaborated life produces: honest and wild human emotion.”

– Jacob Saunders